Morse Code Translator

Morse code translator allows you to convert the text to morse code or decode the morse code to English/Text.


About Morse Code Translator

Morse code translator is a free and accurate online tool to convert text into morse code or morse code to text. Also, it is very simple to use. Just type or paste the code or text in the input box and press the Translate button. As a result, you will see the translation results in less than a second.

In addition, you can press the Play button to listen to the morse code. Moreover, you can change the speed of translation voice in wpm (Words per minute).

Morse Code Translator

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What is Morse Code?

Morse Code is a way of character encoding. It can be referred to as one of the oldest ways of character encoding. This type of encoding includes electric pulses. In addition, electric pulses are used for transmitting and receiving messages. The pulses are represented using dashes and dots. Dash(-) represents a high pulse and Dot(.) represents a low pulse. When we arrange it in series they form a message.


Saying 'Hello' in Morse Code will look like this:

.... . .-.. .-.. ---

So, use the Morse Code Translator to encode your name or text to morse code. Also, observe how many short and long pulses are there. Because through the pulses you can determine the alphabet or letter behind the code. In addition, morse code is the most secure way to send or receive a message from long distances. Mostly army or secret service people used it to pass the secret messages.

Why was it Introduced?

Samuel F.B Morse and Alfred Vail are the inventors of Morse Code. In the beginning, the Morse Code was widely used for Electric Telegraphy. Morse Code revolutionized the communication system back in the 1800s.

The initial fire to originate morse code grew inside Samuel F.B Morse after a heartbreaking incident happened to him. In 1825, he was working in Washington D.C. One day he received a letter mentioning that his young wife had died in New Haven, Connecticut. Along with death, the most heartbreaking thing for him was that he couldn't do anything to save her. Also, he was unable to attend the funeral because it was very late by the time Samuel got the letter.

Hence, he decided to develop a faster way of sending and receiving messages. Finally, he was in the team who were the developers of the first telegraphs. Telegraph is a machine that transmits and receives a message from long distances.

Basic Overview of Morse Code

Every English alphabet (A - Z) and numbers (0 - 9) have unique Morse Code. Memorizing all of them is a bit tough. Therefore, we have developed the Morse Code Translator for making the translation very simple and fast.

The following tables define the alphabet, numbers, and the special character's morse code. Even more, you can find any character's morse code using these tables.

Morse Code Alphabet (International)

A .- B -... C -.-. D -.. E .
F ..-. G --. H .... I .. J .---
K -.- L .-.. M -- N -. O ---
P .--. Q --.- R .-. S ... T -
U ..- V ...- W .-- X -..- Y -.--
Z --..

Morse Code Numbers

0 ----- 1 .---- 2 ..--- 3 ...-- 4 ....-
5 ..... 6 -.... 7 --... 8 ---.. 9 ----.

Special Characters

. .-.-.- , --..-- ? ..--.. ' .----.
! -.-.-- / -..-. ( -.--. ) -.--.-
& .-... : ---... ; -.-.-. = -...-
+ .-.-. - -....- _ ..--.- " .-..-.
$ ...-..- @ .--.-. ¿ ..-.- ¡ --...-

Morse Code Chart

You can download or print the morse code chart for offline use. Even more, there are three code formats included in the following chart. American, Continental, and International.

Morse Code Alphabet Chart

How to Convert Text to Morse Code?

Dealing with any kind of Morse translation, the most vital thing is the Morse Code Chart. Memorizing the full chart is difficult, so it's better if you keep this chart handy. You can access the chart anytime from our website.

Let's understand the translation with the help of an example.


Let's convert "Cake" into morse code.

When you place this word on our translator then you will get the output as below.

-.-. .- -.- .

Let's check how we can get this manually.

Text to Morse Code

Follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. "Cake" has four letters 'c', 'a', 'k', and 'e'.
  2. First of all, Look for the Morse code for all individual letters from chart.
  3. Starting from the first put all Morse codes in order.
  4. At the end you will get a string like this "-.-. .- -.- .". It's your Morse code translation result.
  5. That's it. Very Simple!

The same thing happens in our morse code translator to convert Text into Morse Code. Also, you can try writing your name in morse code. Then verify it using the translation tool.

How to Convert Morse Code to Text?

This thing requires more focus. Missing any dot or dash means wrong translation. But don't worry about it. Use our morse code translator to convert morse code into English or text.

The process of morse code to text translation is almost the same as of text to morse code. The difference is that in text to morse code, you need to find the consecutive morse code for the character. Here, you need to find the consecutive character for the morse code.


Convert ".... .. -.-.--" into text.

morse code to text



Features of Morse Code Translator

  • Simplicity of the tool is the biggest advantage. In short, anyone can easily use our tool. Just paste or type your Morse Code / Text and press the "Translate" button.
  • We have carefully designed and developed the translator and all the standard codes have been programmed. So, no chances of incorrect translation.
  • Two sided translation. In our tool, you can translate text into morse code or morse code into text both. So, it works on vice versa mode too. No need to search for the other tool.
  • Translates within seconds. The translation speed is lightning-fast.
  • You can use our tool anytime and anywhere on any device.
  • No installation or login/signup required. Just open the translator on your web browser and start using it.

How to use Morse Code Decoder?

We have divided the translation process into three steps. Firstly, open the Morse Code Translator and follow the instructions below.

1. Enter Morse Code or Text

Paste or write your Morse Code / Text in the first input box. Yes, you can write either morse code or Text. Our tool supports both type of translation.

Enter data - Morse Code Alphabet
2. Translate

Simply press the "Translate" button to get the result. Also, you can use the "Reset" button to refresh the translator. In addition, you can check the "( / ) Separator" checkbox and add the slash in between converted words.

Translate to English
3. Get Translation Result

Your translation results appear at the below text box. You can select and copy it to use it anywhere.

Text to Morse Code
4. Listen Morse Code Sound

Lastly, you can press the "Play" button and listen to the morse code sound. Also, you can increase or decrease the Speed(wpm) of the sound using the dropdown option.

Listen Morse Code Sound


No, it is free of cost tool. Also, there is no limit of conversion. You can do the infinite conversion using this tool.

You can simply place "I Love You" in our translator. As a result, you will get this: ".. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-"

SOS = "... --- ..."

You can find it on our website or you can download it from here: Morse Code Chart

Yes, our translator supports most of the special symbols and numbers. So, you can easily convert it.